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Managed to fall in love with Capricorn? Not a surprise – Bradley Cooper, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, and Kit Harington have won the hearts of all teenage girls and housewives all over the world without even raising a finger.

And now all days and nights are devoted to thoughts about how to achieve this godlike Capricorn’s favor? The victory will not be easy to get, but the ultimate goal is worth it. So let’s dive deep into the horoscope!

The nature of a Capricorn and his view of women 

Purposefulness, responsibility, striving for justice are the three main virtues of Capricorns. It is thanks to that features they often become successful businessmen. Capricorns never live in cloud-cuckoo-land, they are one of those types of people who will be able not to put emotions before logic in any situation.

Capricorn men are real workaholics. Representatives of this zodiac sign are accustomed to pursuing their goals. To achieve what they want and overcome any difficulties on the way with their heads held high no matter what. At the same time, they can be quite cruel and aggressive if they are hurt or betrayed.

Capricorn men’s appetite for planning, careful analysis extends to the area of relations with the opposite sex. They are strategists to their finger-tips, they hate spontaneity. Everything in their lives must fit into a particular pattern. Capricorn sweeps aside without regret everything that leads them out of the intended framework. This also applies to women who, by their behavior, intellect or appearance, do not meet the requirements.

Sacred taboos – what should you avoid?

Capricorns are introverts and love silence. They do not like to demonstrate romantic relationships and to introduce their life partner to the public eye. To understand such a guy will be complicated, it’ll take a bit of work.

To become a Capricorn’s darling, you must first go through the stage of friendship with him. And only after some time, if a girl really seems worthy of His Majesty, she can move to a new level. While choosing his beloved one, Capricorn is looking for a partner for life, for ideas, for bed. By agreeing to be with such a person, the girl makes a deal for a comfortable union, in which each of the participants will have their own roles. 

Capricorn does not accept: 

  • flirting – neither at the beginning of a relationship nor ever afterward; 
  • underestimating and paying no attention – they really need that support in the form of praise, compliments, and general surprise by their beauty, intelligence, and talents.
  • poor intelligence or its absence, even if replaced by a bright appearance; 
  • obsession or excessive pressure – Capricorn prefers to be a conqueror, and not to be conquered; 
  • unconventional behavior that attracts the attention of other men.

Winning Capricorn – a reliable companion and a great lover

If you want to build a relationship with a Capricorn man, prepare yourself for a romantic meeting as an interview in a large company. Let him feel that you are a responsible, purposeful, serious, hardworking, focused person. Be patient. To understand that without you, he simply can not live, Capricorn may need a lot of time. Keep it simple, do not play. The lie will be immediately detected, and the relationship will be over before it begins.

Remember that Capricorns are tireless in sex. For them, sex is a physical necessity. And no romance in it. They have tremendous endurance, they can please their partner, they are not obsessed only with themselves. They love to play hard, of course, with the consent of the partner. With age, they gain experience and become more sensitive and attentive partners. Not the worst Zodiac sign, for sure!

Compatibility with other signs

The greatest compatibility of men-Capricorn is with a woman-Cancer. They make harmonious couples because they share similar views of life, marriage, and on the distribution of the roles between a man and a woman, they choose similar approaches to the children upbringing. In these relations, there is no place for passion even at the very beginning, since they are initially close and understandable to each other.

They meet each other with the feeling that they have known each other for ages.

A beautiful union of Capricorn will be with a woman-Virgo, for the same reason as with Cancer, but with a small difference. Women-Virgos are usually very ambitious, they will not only strive for the heights that interest her, beyond family life but also stimulate her man. This is exactly what a man-Capricorn needs: a woman who inspires, motivates, and supports.

The peculiarity of this union will be a passion, the depth of love. There will be both spiritual and intellectual intimacy.

Astrologists put a woman-Aries in the first place for incompatibility with a man Capricorn. I can say that these people are figuratively from different planets. The differences between them are manifested in everything: in temperament, and in energy, and, as a consequence of life goals.

This alliance presents a confrontation with each other, the struggle for a leadership position. Such kind of relationship becomes devastating for both.

The union of a man-Capricorn and a woman-Gemini is also very problematic. They are so distant from each other. Even if such a couple is created, it is almost always entirely conditional and most often will live for a short period of time. Gemini behaves somewhat capriciously, which is characteristic of representatives of this sign, while Capricorns constantly try to stabilize these relations, which deprives them of time and energy for self-development.

The man-Capricorn and the woman-Sagittarius do not belong together. They personify the completely opposite elements, energies, and personality types. Such couples usually exist as long as there is passion in them, but as soon as its degree starts to decline, their relationship falls apart. Insults, misunderstanding, different views of life do not allow these relations to develop. 

And now, let’s summarize! Is dating a Capricorn man mission impossible?

Not the fair statement! Just be yourself, and remember that if Capricorn chose you, then you are special. Only you have access to the most intimate and inaccessible for others – his heart.

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