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So your date is over. It wasn’t worth that much worrying, was it? But the most intriguing part is still to come. The fate of your future relationship is hanging in the balance now. For sure, you’ve drawn some conclusion from this date, but the crunch point here is your behavior after. 

My advice: if the date was awful, forget about this person and never ever think about getting it a second chance. But if the date appeared to be a perfect dream and you want it to become a start for wonderful, full of ecstasy relationship, think carefully about sending “Thank you” text after first date. According to statistics, boys are dead nuts on such messages.

That’s why today’s article is about how to write such a thank you text to please the guy completely and to inspire him with the courage to act more actively and nicely.

“Thank you for the nice evening. I liked pasta we ate, we just have to do it again:)”

This is a typical SMS option after a normal but successful date. You can write it within a couple of hours. Mention some facts from that date and say that was really amazing.

“That was great! I felt like we’d known each other for ages”

Not only women love compliments, by the way. Such a light and incredibly pleasant compliment will help a man understand that you liked him. This is the best option for those who are absolutely sure that there will be a second date.

“I can’t get your dog photo out of my head. Hope to see her next time, you also can join!”

This option is super relaxed as you do not speak brightly about what you feel, you do not confess your love, but this message will be incredibly effective. It intrigues, fascinates a man, makes him laugh a little but still it makes it clear that you won’t mind another round.

“Thank you for the coffee! That was the tastiest coffee in my entire life!”

Not so straightforward, but still he will take the hint. You can send such a message after the usual meeting, walk. In this case, you can write almost immediately after the farewell – within half an hour. So you give a man a chance to take the initiative, take the next step. Relationships, even those just emerging, are already mutual help. Try to help your future man by writing such a message.

“Great night. Hope to meet you again,” or just “That was fun! See you later.”

This is a universal choice for those ladies who really do not want to show their admiration, but are ready for the next date. Write it almost immediately, do not hesitate.

“You are great! Thank you for making me laugh, I needed it urgently!”

If you want to show the guy that he became your saver and it’s him who you were waiting for all these days, threw this kind of message. Do not be afraid, boys would love it.

You can write some kind of joke, at which you laughed together. The main thing is that the message shouldn’t be long and oblige the man to respond. He needs to set the record straight as quickly as possible, so do not mislead him.

You need to write such a message that does not require an answer because everything will be clear. Try your best to restrain yourself from confessions of love and long speeches. Behave the same way as before. Your brevity will help make you attractive in the eyes of a man.

There are lots of ways to drop a hint about your genuine interest. Girls, just be sincere, write what you really think. Only then your relationships will bloom naturally.

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